Business owner’s Policy

Businessowner’s Policy (BOP) Insurance

Small business owners face a number of challenges, but worrying about whether you have enough insurance coverage shouldn’t be one of them. AmVenture’s businessowners policies let you bundle a number of insurance policies you would have otherwise purchased separately into one convenient package. By bundling policies, you can stay protected against a wide variety of financial and legal threats while cutting the additional costs of purchasing individual coverages.

About Businessowners Policies

Small businesses often share a number of similar property and liability risks, including customers getting injured on company premises, equipment getting damaged or stolen, or the business having to shut down temporarily due to a storm, cyber attack, or other circumstance. While you can buy individual policies to address each of these risks separately, doing so is both time consuming and often expensive. A more efficient and cost-effective strategy is to buy a businessowners policy (BOP). A BOP is designed to address the most common liability and property threats that small businesses routinely face by bundling multiple insurance policies into a single package.

What Does a Businessowners Policy Cover?

A BOP can be customized to your needs, so the specific coverage your business will receive may not be quite the same as what another business would receive. However, for all BOPs sold through AmVenture, you can expect the following three exposures to be covered:

  • Property Insurance: The property insurance portion of your BOP covers the buildings you own or rent along with other physical property, such as machines and office furniture. You can get either “named peril” protection, which will cover the cost of property that is lost or damaged due to specific events like theft or fire, or “open peril” coverage, which covers your property regardless of how it is lost or damaged. Note that property insurance generally doesn’t include heavy machinery or vehicles.
  • General Liability: If somebody visiting your business’s premises is injured as a result of something you or your employees did or failed to do, then your business could be held liable. For example, if one of your customers slips and falls because a spill in your store was not cleaned up promptly, that customer may be able to pursue a claim against your business. General liability protection helps cover your business for the legal fees related to such claims.
  • Business Interruption: Many unforeseen circumstances, such as a severe storm, cyber attack, flood, or earthquake, can leave your business unable to operate for a time. Business interruption coverage helps you recoup some of the revenue you may lose during these interruptions. If you have to relocate your business temporarily to continue operations, then this coverage can also help offset some of the expenses associated with the move.

Please note that some risks cannot be included in a BOP, including auto, workers’ compensation, and disability.

Why Should I Consider a Businessowners Policy?

The risks that a BOP typically covers are ones that the vast majority of small business owners will insure against anyway. It therefore makes sense to bundle all of that insurance into a single package. Bundling your insurance into a BOP is beneficial on a number of fronts. For one, it is logistically much easier to deal with premiums and claims when you have just one policy rather than multiple policies. Furthermore, by bundling your insurance you will likely be able to save money compared to what you would pay with individual policies.

How do I Get a Businessowners Policy?

AmVenture excels at insurance solutions, and that extends to our businessowners policies as well. We can help you customize a BOP that gives your business essential coverage along with effective cost savings. Request your free quote today to learn how your business can save with AmVenture.

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