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  • Applies to bodily injury or accident or bodily injury by disease.
  • Bodily injury includes resulting in death.
    • Bodily Injury by accident must occur ding the policy period.
    • Bodily Injury by disease must be caused or aggravated by the conditions of your employment. The employee’s last day of exposure to the conditions causing or aggravating such bodily injury by disease must occur during the policy period.
  • Coverage is no fault (even if the employees’ negligence contributed to the injury)


  • Medical Coverage: Includes doctor visits, hospital care, prescription medications, physical therapy and other medical treatments
  • Disability: Provides a partial replacement of income lost when workers are unable to work due to an on-the-job injury. The disability may be temporary or permanent, and partial or total.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: Enables workers who cannot return to their prior occupation to learn a new skill based on their current capabilities
  • Death Benefits: Afforded to the spouse and minor children of a worker killed on the job.

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Clerical Office Employees Approximate Annual Payroll: $800,000 Full-Time Employees: 3 Part-Time Employees: 2

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